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Friends of Myakka River

What we do

As a Citizen Support Organization (CSO), Friends of Myakka River partners with park management and staff to help protect and share Myakka's Magic by funding critical initiatives needed to protect Myakka's delicate ecosystems and the park infrastructure.

And by sharing Myakka’s Magic through in-person programming, social media and press, we’re also augmenting the park's environmental education and community outreach, allowing many more individuals to personally experience Myakka.

Together, we’re helping protect this special and environmentally critical place to the benefit of future generations, and our own.

Supporting Myakka River State Park
Special Projects
    • Bicycle Amenities
    • Bike Myakka for Good
    • Storage Containers
    • Canopy Walkway

What We've Achieved

  • Dr. Mary Jelks created the preservation culture of the river through annual cleanups and supporting the park with monitoring equipment.

  • Dr. Mary also developed the culture of preserving the natural habitat of forests and prairie grasslands through identifying the invasive species and creating programs to restore the natural habitat.

  • Donations made through the Friends provide commercial agricultural equipment to aid in preserving the habitat through spraying, controlled burns and other efforts.

  • The current ranger station was funded with donations from the Friends.

  • The canopy walkway was planned and built by Friends and is maintained with their funding.

  • The Palm Log Restoration Project was a partnership with the State Park and partially funded by the Friends organization.

  • Sponsorship of the Concert Series and other events to raise funds for park projects and equipment.

  • Purchase of the swamp buggy, trucks and ATVs.


Friends of Myakka River
13208 State Road 72, Sarasota, FL 34241

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