Who Will Challenge the Great Egret?

Who Will Challenge the Great Egret?

Guest post by Nancy Dobias

Sundays must be THE day to go fishing at Myakka River State Park. At least it was for the Great Egret who upon finding his CATCH OF THE DAY, couldn't wait to parade it along the length of the river as his friends longingly admired his prize.

I noticed that one was a bit envious that she had not found hers yet but she knew the river had much to offer for those who persisted in their goals.

A few of her friends were not so energetic.  They were more content to hang with friends than to compete with an egret over who caught the biggest and baddest fish.

As I continued my stroll, I happened upon a woodpecker who upon noticing the egret soaring high overhead, chided the alligators into giving the egret a run for his money.  "Surely you guys can catch bigger fish than he can!' teased the woodpecker."

Well, maybe not. Sometimes it's just nice to hang with friends.