The Power Behind a Smile


The Power Behind a Smile

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

The other day when I went to Myakka River State Park, I happened upon some roseate spoonbills deep in discussion as to how one of their kind might assume the PLACE OF HONOR among their wildlife neighbors. Rosalia, in particular, was fed up with having to take second billing to the many alligators languishing along the muddy banks or slowly patrolling the waters of the Myakka.

"No one will find a more photogenic model than me!" she proclaimed.  Back and forth, back and forth she strutted.  "Surely someone will notice my beautiful pink and white combo," she thought.  "Certainly I am more appealing than those dull colors on Gerta Gator!" Rosalia lamented.

"Why don't we go over to the muddier waters?" suggested Phil.  "That's where the tourists go when they're looking for Gerta Gator!  What's more, the deeper contrast of our colors against the darker background will certainly work in your favor.   When we show up, Rosalia, I just know YOU will upstage her!" 

What a duo this pair was!  As soon as they arrived, they immediately began vigorously thrusting their spoon-shaped bills into the mud,  Mud was being flung everywhere, but they seemed to be achieving the effect that they wanted.  Rosalia's pink and white combo were looking REALLY good!

"I never realized it would take so much work to be noticed," Rosalia complained.  "Look at that man with the camera over there!  Why isn't he looking at ME?  What does Gerta Gator have that I don't have?" she whined.

"Perhaps it's her teeth," suggested Phil.  "She DOES have magnificent teeth... I bet if you had teeth just like her, YOU would be the star you were destined to be!" insisted Phil.  "Look at those teeth!  You're just a few teeth away from stardom!!  If you would get some dental implants, you could upstage that alligator TODAY!" proclaimed Phil.

As I listened to the duo debate how best to attract the cameras away from the very toothy appeal of Gerta Gator, I couldn't help but wonder why it was so important for Rosalia to be front and center, why couldn't she just be happy as she was. 

Rosalia was already quite attractive.  Did she really need teeth to upstage Gerta?   I tried to picture Rosalia with her dream teeth but a "new and improved" image was definitely escaping me.

Too bad I have no idea what Rosalia finally decided.  It was time for me to bid adieu to this unusual duo.  Who knows...maybe after I left, more visitors stopped to take notice of her lovely pink and white combo and she finally had the cameras pointing at HER!  If you see Rosalia before I do, take some pictures.  I would love to know what she finally decided.