The Philosophy of a Fish

The Philosophy of a Fish by Nancy Dobias

It's always good to be receptive to learning, to listen to other points of view, and to perhaps reinforce or modify one's positions.  With that in mind, Freida the Fabulous Fish has some "truisms" to pass along.

Knowing one's limitations can prevent an embarrassing situation....

Biting off more than one can chew can be an uncomfortable feeling.

Going out on a limb is a stunt best left to the acrobats.

Of course, Luisa and Ethel had their own wisdom to share.

One must listen to learn.

Other Myakka friends offered their tidbits as well.

One should always be prepared for what comes one's way.

Being a good conversationlist can save the day.

Wherever your paths may lead you or whatever currents you may ford in life, may they always bring you "home" to a feeling of well-being within your soul.