The Magic of Sugar Plum Fairies and Fingerlings


The Magic of Sugar Plum Fairies and Fingerlings

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias 

The other day when we went to Myakka River State Park, it seems as though even the alligators are getting excited about the prospect of Santa paying them a visit.  One in particular was going on an on about an alligator-sized Fingerling that she hoped Santa would bring.  I believe her name was Darcy Jane or at least that is what I thought I heard her called....

"Al, do you think I should ask Santa to bring me a blue one or a turquoise one?  I like polka dots too, Al.  What do you think about polka dots with my skin tone?  Of course a nice leopard-spotted Fingerling would be very nice too.  That would show I am concerned about the environment.  Al, are your eyes closed because you're trying to picture how gorgeous I'll look?"

" Al, I think you may have the right idea.  I need to VISUALIZE how I will look....Oh, Al, I can see it, I can see it!!  I am going to be stunning! Having my eyes closed works!  I can "SEE" that Fingerling!!  I wish Santa were coming tomorrow.  I can't wait for Santa to come.  I bet I will swim faster with my new Fingerling, Al.  Would I swim faster with a MONKEY Fingerling or a UNICORN Fingerling?  Al, I'm trying to visualize....mmmmm....."

On and on Darcy Jane went.  At the time I witnessed this one-sided conversation, I couldn't decide whether Santa would even worry about the wish list of a Myakka alligator.  It's tough enough fulfilling the dreams of little children.  Who would make sure Darcy Jane's wish list got to Santa?  .... I wanted to believe that Santa HEARD everyone who "believed" in him.  Darcy Jane BELIEVED....   Then I wondered what size Fingerling would Santa make Darcy Jane anyway?  How would he know her size?  Alligators don't wear jewelry....  

I needn't have worried.  It seems when someone BELIEVES in Santa, anything is possible.  Of course it does take a heavy dose of magic dust for Santa to slip in a home unannounced and then to present his plan to the first person he   

"Santa, I know you have been very good to me over the years and I really REALLY want Darcy Jane to have a Fingerling, but I really REALLY don't want to swim over to measure her...." I explained.  

"Ho, Ho, Ho!  That would be irresponsible!" exclaimed Santa.  "Santa would not want any of his Apple Dumplings to do THAT!  I want you to take a Mini Me to the park,  I will just need one glance at Darcy Jane and Santa will know exactly what size Darcy Jane will need.  What do you say?  Will you help?"  asked Santa.

"SURE!" I said.  I just knew Darcy Jane was going to be sooooo excited.  I hoped we could get in and out without her noticing or other children noticing that we were even there....  As soon as we arrived to the park, naturally Mini Me Santa had to read one of the cautionary signs before we headed down the trail.  After a few minutes, we headed into the woods along the river and from time to time Mini Me Santa inspected various hiding spots for Darcy Jane....

"Why are you looking in that tree?  She won't be in that tree?  We need to hurry this along.  Watch the river...." I explained.

Up ahead we could see that Darcy Jane, Al and a few of their friends were enjoying a few hours out in the sun.  I mentioned to Mini Me Santa that we should be very quiet so that we wouldn't frighten Darcy Jane back into the river.  Mini Me Santa looked at me as though I didn't know what I was talking about, but I remembered our children not being so keen with close contact with a big bearded guy wearing a red suit... "WHO DOESN'T LIKE SANTA?" he loudly proclaimed for all to hear.

As I lowered my head in despair at our failed attempt to assess Darcy Jane's ring size, I slowly took a calming breath.  Finally I asked Mini Me Santa if he wanted to try again tomorrow.  I looked to my Mini Me Santa.  I looked to my Mini Me Santa.  Instead, a beautiful white egret appeared and reminded me, "He only needed a glance...."