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Life In the Fast Lane Isn't Always the Best Place To Be

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

When you're at Myakka River State Park, being behind a slow driver is a wonderful way to enjoy the sounds and smells of the park.

You now have the opportunity to check out the scenery on BOTH sides of the road.  If a dead tree against a blue sky appears picturesque, pull over and take a picture.  Drivers will merely smile, wonder if an alligator is nearby, but then slowly make their way around you when no alligator is forthcoming.

Going at a slower pace also allows you to take note not only of a Mom grazing along the road but also of her child who had been somewhat "hidden" in the nearby woods. 

Going at the slower pace allows you to spend much more time looking deep into the water-logged woods as you slowly cruise by.   You may even "catch" some of the pleasant aromatic scents if your window is down.

Keep scanning the woods, the wetlands, the grasses.   Don't lose your concentration.  Be alert.  You just never know who might be taking a lunch break back there.