The Vanity of an Eagle


The Vanity of an Eagle

Nancy Dobias

Guest post by Nancy Dobias

When I went to the Bayonne Preserve Tuesday morning, I was hoping to get some fierce regal shots of the eagles who have a nest there.  Instead, I got an eagle who was primping.  On and on and on, the eagle went...fluffing the feathers, air-drying the feathers, preening the feathers, air-drying the feathers....on and on and on and on.

"How long can it possibly take to be satisfied with your look?" I complained to myself.  "My sister didn't even take this long!" I lamented but still the eagle continued the primping....and still the air-drying of feathers continued.

"Perhaps if I try another angle?" I thought.  "Maybe the regal bearing can be had from another angle...." I postulated.  For a second I thought I might have nailed it.  The eagle took notice of where I had moved, but that look of disdain told me the eagle just found me annoying.

Once more the eagle resumed the obnoxious primping and fluffing....  ("PLEASE, NO MORE AIR-DRYING!  PLEASE, PLEASE!" I said to myself.)

After quite some time I thought I might finally get the chance of photographing one of those haughty looks which eagles do so well.  In the distance I spotted some white birds headed our way.  "Surely the eagle will put on his game face when those birds fly closer," I said.  "The eagle is bound to react." I thought.  Well, the white birds soared closer.  The white birds soared overhead.  The eagle did not react!  The only one who did react was me.  The birds were white pelicans!  What a magnificent wing span they had and the eagle could have cared less.  The only one who was impressed was me!  It's too bad I didn't at least get the pelicans in focus.

On the positive side, the eagle must have sensed my being impressed with the pelicans because just for a moment, the eagle allowed me to see a little of the impressive side of an eagle.

It sure can be frustrating trying to get an eagle to cooperate.