guest post by Nancy Dobias

Golden meadows kissed by the sun are still yours for the viewing if you happen by Myakka River State Park.  The magnetic draw of the fields must be overpowering as nervous parents throw open their car doors and kids of all ages throw caution to the wind as they race to the fields in delight.  These fields not only have the pull on the human children, but they also beckon fun-loving fawn as well.  Of course, second-nature does govern their behavior.  Curiosity controls the fun-loving abandon as the fawn first peeks through the flowers to determine if we might be a threat.

Since Mom was nearby, she also was consulted.  Mom had years of experience in the park and figured all would be well but she did, however, monitor the area before she was satisfied that her youngster would be safe.

It must not have been the response the youngster expected because he still wasn't quite sure it was safe to leave Mom's side and romp among the wildflowers.  Mom checked once again.

It was then that we decided to let them enjoy their lunch in peace and go elsewhere in the park to check out what was happening.  Since we hadn't been to the weir for awhile, we next drove there to see if it was open.  Although it hasn't been repaired, the path to the weir is open and visitors could walk out to the weir.  At the weir are two pathways through the tall grasses that allow you to view the passageway of water over the weir.  Fish must be abundant because generally birds and alligators can be found congregating near the weir.  You must be careful when you walk through the grasses because you never know what also might be sunning on the banks of the lake.

Although he didn't mind our taking a few pictures of him, after a few minutes of taking pictures enough was enough! Since he wasn't being cooperative, we checked out the other path beside the weir.  The birds were more plentiful here.

The alligators were still around but they weren't as evident.  In fact we never even noticed the one beside the bird.  Birds and alligators live in such close proximity that they seem to tolerate one another quite well.  If you haven't been to the weir in awhile, springtime is a nice time to check out the wildflowers in the vicinity.  It sure makes for a pretty landscape.

Our last stop was to check out the BIRD WALK.  A storm was moving in and we weren't sure how long we had before it hit.  The Bird Walk looks like a fantastic place to view a sunset or sunrise but I don't know if it has the right alignment for that to happen.  It's also a great place to view a storm a'brewing....  Florida storm clouds amaze me.  It's impressive to see how low those clouds can be.

Since the storm was ready to hit, we got off the Bird Walk and as we retraced our way back through the park, we took one last lingering look at that "river of gold" and wondered if the fawn ever did get to take his fun-loving romp through those fields of gold.  It was raining up ahead.  Maybe the fawn might enjoy running through the "sprinkler" too. It sure was an interesting day at the Magical Kingdom of Myakka...a baby alligator who only wanted to cross the road, a fawn who wanted to leap among the wildflowers, alligators who wanted to doze in the grasses and visitors of all ages who couldn't get enough of the park's beauty and appeal.  It's all there.  All you have to do is decide to go.

Liquid Gold Flows at Myakka River State Park


Liquid Gold Flows at Myakka River State Park

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

If you live in the area of Myakka River State Park, I hope you take the time to visit the park in the next couple of days.  If you do, you will see a field of "liquid gold."  At least that is what it appears to be.  Few visitors could resist the pull of such a sight when I was there on Tuesday.

Car after car pulled over to marvel at the "molten gold" layered upon the field.  Visitors of all ages hurried through the trees and out beyond to gaze at what nature had painted upon the landscape of Myakka.

I kept waiting for a bridal party, or someone posing for senior pictures, or friends wearing their outfits for the Junior - Senior Prom.  Although they never came, others did.  No one could resist posing with a backdrop of such glorious colors and majesty.  Even a lonely palm tree got in on the act.

Yes, the park is alive with colors.  It's also alive with alligators.  Sometimes there are those who don't consider the foolishness of where they are getting their photographs.  Fortunately the alligator didn't make a move towards her.  He just did what alligators do....THIS time.

What visitors need to keep in mind when they see all the alligators along the banks of the river is that these animals are not puppy dogs waiting for you to take a "selfie" with them.  It is best to keep your distance and to marvel at the Wonders of Myakka from the safety of the bridge!