Tapping Your Toes With the Alligators


Tapping Your Toes with the Alligators

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

State and national parks mean many things to many people. For some they conjure up images of crowded facilities, traffic jams and the resultant short fuses.  All they see is the starting line--the masses of humanity seeking to "commune" with nature and the inevitable question, "Why? Why? Why did I let myself do this?"  It's too bad that these people don't allow themselves to see what's waiting in the distance, to see what they would experience if they would just separate themselves away the crowds, to see what would happen if the cell phones were turned off and their hearts and minds were made aware of all the nuances in their environment. Perhaps they might marvel at the beauty of the woods.


...the beckoning of a moss-covered trail...

Or the interesting shapes formed by misshapen fallen trees and the intrigue of what lies beyond.

Myakka River State Park continues to be a park that both amazes and impresses.   There are no real traffic jams, the staff and its volunteers are friendly and eager to share the "secrets" of the Myakka with the park's many visitors.  There are even occasional evening music festivals at the park.   (The next music fest is FEB 2, 2018. ) 

Who knows....Maybe the wildlife will even be tapping their toes or bobbing their heads to the beat when the guitars and banjos begin picking out their melodies and strumming their tunes....

There are many reasons to visit the park but there are no reasons NOT to visit it.  Check it out.  Find YOUR reasons for visiting the park!