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Vegas Spotlight Sensation Hits Myakka

Vegas Spotlight Sensation Hits Myakka


Frieda the Fabulous Fish

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

Although we live in a community where a "No Soliciting" sign is posted, it didn't stop a rather glitzy visitor from knocking on our door Saturday morning to solicit a ride to Myakka River State Park.  Now generally I'm not so accommodating but for some unexplained reason, Freida the Fabulous Fish from Vegas took me by surprise.  Whether it was her glitz or her charm, I don't know but within seconds, Freida the Fabulous Fish was not only in our car, but we were headed to Myakka.  Naturally she was in the front seat helping Larry drive!  Fortunately Larry didn't listen to any of Freida's advice.

Normally when we go to the park, we hike along the Myakka River but Freida looked too tempting for the alligators to resist.  Instead, we decided to check out the CLAY GULLY PICNIC AREA.  Although the area was posted for a possible alligator, we thought she might be safer here.  

At first Freida the Fabulous Fish was eager to check out her surroundings.  "Freida, this is a good place for you to swim.  Just let go, jump in, and make some friends," I suggested.  

"You can do it, Freida.  Those are all nice friendly Florida fish below you," Larry encouraged.

Well, Freida the Fabulous Fish scanned the waters downstream....  "Are you for REAL??  There is NO WAY one would ruin a palette as lovely and magnificent as mine!" she yelled.

"This is not working, Larry.   Maybe we should have found a less rustic place for Freida to enjoy," I suggested.  

 "Yea, she looks depressed.  Freida is definitely not the "woodsy" type," said Larry.

"There are lots of places in the park.  We'll drive and let Freida decide where she'd like to stop," added Larry.  

At first I didn't think it was going to work.  Although the park has several nice places, Freida was waaaaaay too close to a mirror....  

Past several beckoning trails...past the bird walk...down the road we drove.  Several spots looked good to us and had we not been accompanied by Frieda the (finicky) Fabulous Fish, we definitely would have...

"STOP!  STOP!!!  STOP!!!!!  There it is!!  I want to go THERE!!!" screeched Freida at the top of her lungs.  "This is IT!  I can feel it!  This is ABSOLUTELY made for me!   STOP!" she screamed.

Puzzled, we looked around.  Lots of cars WERE stopping... but we didn't see what would attract a glitzy fabulous fish....  We looked again.  A tram was coming... it seemed to be slowing...We looked to where all the people were looking.....  

"BLACK BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKS!  They're pretty...they're not so much glitzy...but they ARE quite lovely...  Hmmmmmm...  Sure are A LOT OF them!  Hmmmmmmm....  They're all over the field....  Do glitzy pink fabulous fish like to hang out with orange-beaked whistling ducks?" I wondered.

As Larry prepared to find a safer parking spot so that Freida the Fabulous Fish could better avail herself of a glitzy touristy opportunity worthy of what someone of her glamour status might expect, suddenly Freida shouted out, "NO, NOT HERE!!!  UP THERE!!!  ACROSS THE ROAD!!!  IN THE FIELD!!!  QUICK!!!  HURRY...BEFORE WE'RE TOO LATE!!!!"

Perplexed, Larry and I looked away from the birds, across the road, and in the direction to where Freida the Fabulous Fish was pointing.   Ahhhh....  CAMERAS!   Lots and LOTS of cameras!!  Cameras mounted on tripods, cameras awaiting the right moment, cameras in a direct line, cameras in line with the whistling ducks.