A Camping We Will Go


A Camping We Will Go

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

When I go to Myakka River State Park and see all the campers, I generally am envious of the opportunities they have to enjoy the sights and sounds of the park at night. When the rest of the world has gone home, when the gates are locked, the park has quieted down and all the wildlife are now coming out to feed.   How neat it would be to quietly sit and observe.  

Who know, that might have been the goal of a rather large group I had seen this past Monday.  When I saw them, they were just gathering together for lunch.  I thought they had picked a very nice open area for a group as large as theirs.  It offered shade, a swimming hole, and lots of opportunity to catch some fresh fish or let the kids expend some energy by playing some games.

Naturally someone had to take charge and since Luisa Pato had been here before, she decided she would take the lead.  Luisa might have had experience with what the park offered, but she wasn't much of an orator.  When she wasn't able to get her fellow campers to listen willingly, she figured leaning in closer to them would better achieve her objective.  The louder she make her proclamations, the more unwilling were those who listened.

However, she did pique the interest of those further away who wondered if Luisa might be teaching a new version of the Chicken Dance.

Poor Luisa.  Too bad she didn't realize what she had started.  The young ones were now up and awake and they wanted TO PLAY!  Dive-bombing on unsuspecting Luisa was now the "game of the day."

It's good that Ethel Pato realized what was happening.  Quickly she intervened and read the guilty parties the riot act.  Naturally all acted innocent.

Before long, the kids settled down and once more Luisa explained what activities would be available for the campers.  Bobbing for Peas was to be the first activity and prizes would be awarded to whoever could secure the most.  The kids couldn't wait to get started.

Unfortunately it didn't take long for the kids to start arguing over who found the most peas, who stepped on whose head, who was cheating and who called who a name.

Hmmmmmmmm.....maybe I might have to re-think this camping experience. I don't know if I could "survive" the camping experience.