Santa's Unexpected Gift to Myakka

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

Late Christmas morning I opened an email from Frank Freestone, an avid kayaker who is a friend of ours.  Frank was reporting on the conditions he had seen at Myakka River State Park.

Santa has sent paddlers a very special Christmas present in the form of nearly-flood level water in the Myakka River.  On Sunday, a trip to Myakka River SP revealed high water and rising. The park road north of the Birdwalk was closed. Trails were flooded, so the road was crowded with walkers.   I wonder what things are like at Deep Hole.  Yesterday at Sleeping Turtles Preserve, the River was just at flood level and dropping, with substantial current.  Quite unusual this time of year, but not impossible, this is a special something to enjoy!  

Naturally Larry and I were intrigued.  After we put the turkey in the oven, we headed out to the park to see what kind of present Santa had left the paddlers and wildlife along the Myakka.  Some presents are so special that they speak for themselves so I'll step back and show you through photos what Frank, Jean and their family must have seen when Frank sent out his email about Santa's gift to the river.

Click on the images to see larger.

Sure hope the paddlers and wildlife are enjoying their present!  I sure did!!!