Rubber Duckie Joins the Snowbirds

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Rubber Duckie Swims Myakka River

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

I thought nothing would surprise me anymore, but I was wrong.  The other day when I went to Myakka River State Park, I was quite shocked to see a Little Rubber Duckie approaching the river.  "What on earth could he be doing?  He certainly can't be thinking about going swimming in that river!"  Quickly I rushed over to have a word.

"Mr. Duckie, Mr. Duckie," I cried.  "Please wait!"  Lucky for Mr. Duckie that he's an inquisitive and friendly soul.  Had he been the headstrong type, he might have ignored my overtures and just gone ahead and entered that river.  Instead, Mr. Duckie turned and quacked out a welcoming greeting, "Hey!  How's it going?"

"Mr. Duckie, I am concerned about your welfare.   You are rather close to the water and I wonder if you might come up here where I am so that I might better explain my worries.  Being a somewhat trusting soul, Mr. Duckie had no compunction about complying with my request but he didn't come all the way to where I was standing.  Instead he needed to take one more longing look back at the beckoning waters below.

"Please, Mr. Duckie, just for one minute. Please come up to where I am standing.  I want you to see something that I think you might be overlooking," I said.  Perplexed as to what I might wish to show him, Mr. Duckie wobbled his way up the bank until he stood where I wanted him to be.  "Now, peek around that moss and look over on the other side of that river" I said.  "What do you see?" I asked.

"I really can't see all that well.  This Spanish moss is blocking my sight line.  How about if I just swim over and I'll come back and let you know!" Mr. Duckie suggested.  Then before I knew it, off the tree he tottered, down the bank he slid, and into the water he splashed!  

"You have got to be kidding me!"  What's up with these Little Rubber Duckies?  Have they no common sense?" I asked myself.  Quickly I hurried after him, hoping I didn't make a bigger splash into the water, hoping I didn't get anywhere near the water!  

"Mr. Duckie, Mr. Duckie!  Please come back.  I have another idea.  Being a kind-hearted soul, Mr. Duckie reluctuantly paddled back to shore, waddled out of the water and exasperated, asked, "OK, What is your other idea?"

"I would like you to look through my camera and tell me what you see," I suggested.  

"That'll be fun!" Mr. Duckie jubilantly exclaimed.  Carefully I lowered my camera down to Mr. Duckie and steadily held the camera so his eyes would have time to adjust.... "What do you see?" I asked. 

"Lots of new friends!" he exclaimed.

"Hmmmmmm......Let's use the zoom function so we can better see what some of your new friends might be planning...or rather doing! " I suggested.

"Ohhhhhhhhh....I see.  This is not good.  I think those two are ready to take a bath and I forgot my soap bubbles...." lamented Mr. Duckie.

I spoke my head in disbelief, perplexed at the logic, and went on my way.