Rolling Down The River

Guest post by Nancy Dobias

The Myakka River is on the rise and if you have an opportunity, there sure is a lot of pretty scenery a'beckin' at Myakka River State Park. Whether it's the river that has widened its banks and encroached upon the woods and wetlands, or how the fields now appear as lakes, it certainly is a sight worth seeing.

If you're looking for alligators, they can be anywhere now.  The waters have expanded their kingdom.  You may even encounter one resting near a log along the road watching the world go by.   We would have missed him if another family walking along the road hadn't already noticed him hanging out near that log.  It's good to talk with fellow visitors at the park.  They might have seen something you would have missed!

We found something that normally we don't see--an owl!  We figured he was inconvenienced by the rising waters where he used to hunt and was now hanging out along the trail where we were walking. We think it was a barred owl but that is just a guess.  If he would have cooperated, I could have gotten some more pictures, but he was annoyed at our having interruped his reverie and he turned away before I could get any more pictures. 

The limpkins were out in full force and of course their kids were in overdrive running here, there, and everywhere.

Mom looked like she had had her fill and just wanted to be left alone.  The kids were having none of that.  Where Mom went, they went.

Eventually Mom took matters into her own hands and had her own "quiet" time.

Naturally the kids were heard mumbling, "We didn't do anything...."

Hope you find the time and have the interest to visit the park when the rivers are rising.  Lots of people do.  Why not you???