Make My Day at Myakka


Make my Day at Myakka

March 3, 2017

by Nancy Dobias

Looking for a possible cure for our colds, we decided a walk at Myakka to breathe in good country air might be just what the doctor ordered.  The scenery is always pretty and of course it's nice to see what the alligators might be up to.

When we spotted this duo, the one on the bank seemed to be relaxed and ready to enter his zen sleep mode while the one in the river, stealthily and slowly trying not to create a wake in the water, cautiously approached the one on the bank....  As he got nearer and nearer, the slumbering alligator sensed his presence and began to open his eyes.

That's when fury was unleashed upon the river!   Thrashing about in the water, over and over they rolled...slapping the water with their tails, their each tried to get to the other.  Absolutely no vocalizations were heard...just the violent slapping of their bodies upon the water.


Eventually one guy came out victorious.  Larry and I were in disagreement over who had won.  I thought it was the slumberer and Larry thought it was the interloper.  Either way, whoever did win that take-down sure looked ferocious as he dared the other to come back and try that again.

One alligator was angry and if he could talk, I'm sure he'd be screaming, "You want a piece of me, buddy?  Just come on back!!" The other one wasn't taking the bait though.  He had had his "fun" for the day and now was just going to cruise on down the river....maybe find another unsuspecting victim on whom he could try his blitzkreig....

In the meantime, the other, on alert status...adrenaline pumping...lay in patient wait for the next obnoxious alligator to come his way.... 

It sure is interesting what you see when you walk along the river and wait for the action to unfold....  Dirty Harry has nothing on this guy!