Lake Wobegon at Myakka?


Guest Post by Nancy Dobias.

I didn't mean to go to Myakka River State Park early this morning but as I was driving by the overpass of the Myakka River and saw the fog laying low over the river, I thought, "Whoa....this looks like the setting for some scary movie."  Giving in to temptation, I turned around, presented my state pass and into the park I went.  First stop was the river trail behind the south pavilion but because it was too foggy to get any clear shots of the river, I didn't last long.

Since the bridge was just as foggy, I kept driving until next I came to a grove of trees that would look great in that scary movie.  Too bad there were no sound effects.

I did, however, encounter an unexpected resident of Myakka temporarily biding his time in a flooded field as he watched vehicle after vehicle after vehicle make their way past him.

He must have been feeling rather cozy enjoying some time away from the river as he didn't appear in any rush to leave.  I don't think he wanted to be in any scary movie because he chose a field of red in which to lay...maybe he wanted to present himself as an attractive picture for a possible Valentine's Day card.

Those who were in a rush were a group of vultures looking to get in a quick game of soccer, especially since the fog had finally lifted.  They weren't interested in cards or movies.  They wanted to compete, to prove themselves on the "field of honor.”

A few of their friends who were more into water sports decided to pass on soccer and instead wait around for someone to rent them some canoes.  Seeing life from another plane was going to be their goal today.  In fact one of them was so impatient for the rental place to open that he kept scanning the nearby road to see when someone would arrive.

Another two decided that a romantic picnic in the park was more what they would prefer.  Their parents, however, did send along a chaperone to make sure they behaved.

Too bad that chaperone didn't supervise a Great Blue Heron who was on the other side of the parking lot.  He could have used a review of Emily Post dining etiquette.  The heron caught himself an alligator-sized fish but there was no way he was giving up his prize to anyone.  It was going down no matter what.

He looked like he was trying to "beat" on it to make it more palatable.  When all else failed, down the hatch it went.  I think this guy could have been the star of that scary movie!!