Water Has Come Back to Shore and Trees are Being Smitten


Hurricane Irma

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias 

September 11, 2017

Rivendell must have a lot of "go-getters" living and working here.  A tree that had fallen victim to Irma's wrath looked as though it would be a major problem to get rid of it but when I returned a few hours later, most of it had been already removed.

One of our neighbors, Bob Cronin, used his ingenuity to help rid Shadow Bay Way of a major blockage.  Bob's idea was to tug on one of the fronds and the tree would magically follow along.   It didn't work....

Instead, the Four Musketeers sawed and dragged off the parts of the tree blocking Shadow Bay Way.  They had hoped to remove the rest of the tree but it was way too heavy for that to happen.  I wondered if they could have chanted, "We think we can, We think we can, We think we can..."  if that might have worked, but they wanted nothing to do with my ideas.

Someone braced the tree on Mallard Marsh that was in danger of falling onto a neighbor's home.  Getting tree service companies to deal with all of the damages that the county has is going to be a test of one's patience....

Egret Pond's 3 or 4 uprooted trees are no longer interfering with traffic on Rivendell Blvd.  The tree has been trimmed and moved off to the side....

As to what is happening in the Gulf, the waters that had receded are now back in full force.  I went to the North Jetty on Casey Key and between the jetties was some mighty powerful currents of water.   In fact they were so strong that some of the rocks had been carried up onto the jetty.

The jetty also had experienced some damage to its top surface and when I saw the huge "potholes," I understood why it had been closed when the hurricane outer bands were arriving  

Out on the ends of the jetty, the waters were still pounding and no one risked a closer look....

It however didn't stop the young guys from body surfing in the relentless onslaught of waves, nor did it stop one man from making the acquaintance of some local shore birds nor the constant trickle of beach-goers seeking that elusive megladon sharks' teeth.

In the meantime we on Anna Hope Lane are still waiting for the power to be restored....  I've been told that those on the far side of Rivendell kept power because theirs came from Bay street.  The homes where Larry and I live get their power from the direction of Old Venice.  What's up with that???