Did they Drain Deep Hole?


Did They Drain Deep Hole?

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

It's no wonder it's so difficult to tell seasons in south Florida.  The other day when I went to Myakka River State Park and walked through the woods along the Myakka River, I was struck by all the green grass coming up in the woods.  Although it's mid December, everywhere it appeared to be springtime.  Vivid greens dominated the landscape along the river and in the woods....

Where I expected to see the Easter Bunny hopping down the Bunny Trail, instead I saw alligator after alligator lining the banks of the Myakka River.

In fact there were so many that my camera couldn't pick them all up in one picture.  They were on the bank, in the river, in the grasses, in the trees (well...maybe not in the trees....)  Each time I saw one group of alligators, the next group would be even larger!!   What a day it was!  TRULY AMAZING!!  It was as though the alligators from the Deep Hole had migrated to this region of the park....  So remarkable!!

I was glad that no one was kayaking when I was walking along the trail.  I can't imagine what kind of splash would have happened if all those alligators would have felt "threatened' by the kayakers and then would have made the "mad dash" into the river and under the water.  I would HATED to have been in the kayaks....  I wonder how much water would have been displaced by all those dives.....  NOT FOR ME!!!!

If you go out to the park, take your camera.  Sunny days and cooler water temps are a guarantee that the alligators will be posing for pictures!  BE CAREFUL!