A Lesson From the Birds

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

Usually when I go to Myakka River State Park, I'm most interested in photographing the alligators, but since the birds seemed to be happily chirping away, I begin to look around to see where they might be nesting.  It didn't take long to see they weren't nesting anywhere.  They were right where the alligators usually are, busily looking for food in the lake and wetland areas.  Perhaps the birds wanted to remind me that the park was more than just alligators.  The planet didn't just belong to the biggest and the strongest.  There could be a place on this planet for all of us.

As I watched one inquisitive bird listening to the sounds my camera was making, I wondered how tough it must be to come to a new land, .intent on making a better life for your loved ones and hoped that any voices they might hear would be voices of encouragement and understanding.

Seeing the heron come upon the "curtain" of plants reminded me of all those obstacles that may be up ahead and hope for bridges to afford safe passage to those seeking a better life.

Seeing the spoonbill and the egret clustered together was a good reminder of how important it is to look out for one another if we all are to have a share in the bounties of the planet.

When I finally saw the alligator WITH the bird,  it demonstrated once more that weak or strong, there can be a place for all, but it's always best to be vigilant to those who may have another agenda.