Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

When we go through life, often times we may have a plan as to what we want our life to be when we reach the various milestones. We expect smooth sailing if we plan. We're taught that being prepared is half the battle. If we've done OUR part, then certainly life could do its part.

How often have you looked at a river and wondered where it's been...what it had to do to get here?

Or where it's going and whether any obstacles will prevent it from fulfilling its journey?

Maybe rivers are like life. Rather than having a scripted plan of exactly what we expect and demand in THE PERFECT LIFE, perhaps it's better to accept that there can be a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C when things don't go as expected. Should a detour cause us to deviate from the river, it doesn't have to mean life will be less perfect. It's just means life will be different. Perhaps more obstacles may be there, but we can still determine how we might deal with those obstacles.

If dark clouds have silver linings, we could focus on the positives in our lives. We could reach for something to hang onto until a new pathway is forged.

It might not be easy. We might make more mistakes, but if we keep going forward, we could one day make it back to the river.

...and if we don't, there's always Plan D....

Hope in your life you always know when to use an anchor and when to let it go and enjoy whatever plan life has to offer!