Is It So Heavy That It Can't Be Carried Home?

guest post by Nancy Dobias

Sometimes I wonder what others see when they go to Myakka River State Park.  So often for me, I see a landscape of gorgeous scenery, of wondrous colors and textures, a picture that an artist could have painted.  I may see that pretty picture along the river....

I may see it in the wetlands....

Nothing ever stays the same.  The landscape is ever changing.  The beauty of golden fields might be replaced by the wonder of delicate pink flowers reaching up out of the marshes....and no matter what it is, it is still a thing of beauty.

Even one of Myakka's huge trees, fallen victim to the raw power of Mother Nature, could still grace the canvas of a artist and perhaps still be chosen to hang on a wall in someone's home....

So, what is it that other people see when they decide to spend a day in the GREAT OUTDOORS?  Why is it that some visitors to the park see it as their own personal trash dump?  For those who want to cast a net to catch bait fish or whatever they do with this net, why can't they take it home with them? 

For those who feel compelled to drink along the trails or river, why is it so difficult to haul out the EMPTY cans or bottles?  Weren't they heavier when they were brought into the park?

What is it that they see that others don't see when they make that decision to leave their garbage in the woods?

I bet the fawns and all the wildlife of Myakka would like the answer to that one.   I know I would!