Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

Going to Myakka River State Park is always an unknown as to what you may or may not see and experience.  I was told that the best way to experience the park was to kayak along the river.  (My sentiments exactly!) Today when I was walking along my favorite trail, I wasn't sure if I'd see "snakes" or alligators. (Ok, that was just a pretend snake but it did look like one!) The woods were as peaceful as always and I was the only one making my way through the trees and along the river....

At least I was the only one until a couple of kayakers quietly paddled by.  I heard one comment about an alligator on the left and another one on the right.  I couldn't see what they were seeing, so I continued my hike and figured I would see the alligators up near the overpass.

What a surprise I had!  When I reached the overpass, there wasn't just ONE alligator on the left and ONE alligator on the right.  There were TWENTY or so alligators out and about.  Most were sunning themselves on the bank but there were about 8-10 dog-paddling in the river.

A few more entered the water when the kayakers approached.  I guess they didn't appreciate the insensitivity of someone disturbing their slumber and perhaps they wanted to show their displeasure.  The alligators were never aggressive.  They did not swim toward the kayaks BUT in my imagination, they no doubt would doubled-back and come up under the kayaks and.

I think I will wait on kayaking, BUT I absolutely envy all those who have had this experience.  What great pictures these men must have!!!