2017 Volunteer Award Winners

Philip and Ann (Mickie) Anderson  Team of 2 of the Year – Visitor Service  Myakka River State Park

Philip and Ann (Mickie) Anderson

Team of 2 of the Year – Visitor Service

Myakka River State Park

Philip and Mickie volunteered as campground hosts at Myakka River for several years. As campground hosts they consistently received amazing reviews from campers claiming that they had gone above and beyond the call of duty. Now they have taken on a leadership role as volunteer liaisons between the park and the Friends of Myakka River. Their roles include coordinating events, membership development, soliciting donations, and managing the CSO’s gallery sales and inventory. Thank you, Philip and Mickie! Their accomplishments include:

  • Representing the CSO and the park at all in-park and community events.

  • Operating the CSO’s booths at events and sharing their passion for the park.

  • Managing the annual CSO kayak raffle and selling tickets with their inspirational attitudes!

  • Helping to gain support for the CSO while freeing up valuable time for park staff.

Tom Adler, Earl Cross, Barry Blitvich, Shaun Suydam, Mike Anderson and Steve Lemonds

Team of 3+ of the Year – Visitor Service

Myakka River State Park

Tom, Earl, Barry, Shaun, Mike an Steve are maintenance volunteers working as a team led by Park Services Specialist Jeremy Johnson to keep the Myakka River State Park running. They come from diverse background with experience in many trades. The team regularly repairs buildings, maintains and repairs park facilities. They took on and completed a historic preservation project to repair damage and repurpose an original 1930’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) structure. The building received a complete makeover and now houses the park museum and visitors center. Investing to keep the CCC structure relevant to the historic period, yet informative for today’s visitors helps to create a great first impression of Myakka River State Park. Thank you all! Their accomplishments include:

  • Replacing rotten rafters, rafter tails, wood siding, window frames, broken windows and the roof on the rear addition of the building, as well as critical structural wooden framing of exterior walls, the team followed the U.S. Department of the Interior standards for historic preservation.

  • Completing the repairs, the visitor center received a full facelift with a fresh coat of paint to reflect the updated park service standards.