Back to Normal Along the Myakka


Back to Normal Along the Myakka

Guest Post by Nancy Dobias

Order has been "restored" on the Myakka!  When I went to the park on Tuesday, I was interested in whether the alligators were still hanging out on my side of the river. As I first set off down the trail, a friendly little bird flitted out of some overhanging tree branches to chirp his greetings and to assure me that "normality" had been restored and all was well along the river.

Because I wanted to see for myself, I thanked him for his information but off down the trail I continued.  It didn't take long to realize that he was certainly right about one thing.  The river and wetlands were indeed their normal beautiful self.

As I continued my stroll beside the river, he was right about another thing.  The alligators had returned to their "proper" place along the banks, on the OTHER side of the river.  It was a sunny day and all were basking in the warming rays of the early afternoon sun and having their normal peaceful snooze in the grasses.

Since I was interested in whether the Tag Team Duo was also on the OTHER side of the river, I continued along.  Within a few minutes, I arrived to the spot where I had earlier encountered them.  There they were, happily sunning themselves, eager to partake of what the day had to offer, and doing it from THEIR side of the river.

Both were aware of my passage and both may have wondered whether there was any hope I may come over to "visit" with them.

However, that thought was put to rest immediately as I bid them adieu and continued along the trail, happy that they had returned to a "safer" side of the river and that balance had been restored to the universe.