Water Logged But Still Amazing!


Article and photos by Nancy Dobias. 

A visit to Myakka River State Park generally means a lot of alligators will be spotted along the banks or in the river.  Today was different.  The wet conditions in the park have opened up new avenues for the alligators to explore and consequently they are not so visible.  One that we did see could have just as easily been missed.   He was camouflaged quite well in the mud and muck of the temporary swamps that had formed in the woods. 

It was surprising to see how much the rains had affected the park.  The roads were dry but most trails were water-logged.  Dry land that used to appear as grassy fields were now huge ponds that stretched back deep into the woods. No doubt some of Myakka's alligators are cruising around in their lovely new habitat and if you stop long enough to listen, I bet you'll even hear a few croaking their approval of their wondrous new environment.

Whether Myakka trails are dry or wet, they still are quite picturesque should you wish to do a little exploring. But don't get too comfortable on the dry trails as eventually you'll get to the parts over which the Myakka River rules. 

Here you may not wish to venture forward but there's no reason why you can't just take in the beauty of what a wondrous park this is...and if you really, really want to see an alligator and if you don't mind waiting, no doubt one or two WILL happen along....